Lowongan Kerja National Hospital-Surabaya

Lowongan Kerja National Hospital-Surabaya - National Hospital is a hospital with full facilities and excellent service. Having a team of medical professionals and physicians, the National Hospital into a hospital trust. Currently, the National Hospital was in need of some medical and non medical professionals and dedicated to the post of :

Lowongan Kerja National Hospital-Surabaya

Requires immediate best professional to join us in the position:


1. Specialists & Sub Specialist (DS)
2. General Practitioners (DU)
3. Nursing Manager (MK)
4. Head Space (Karu)
5. Head of Medical Records (S.) & Manager (SRM)
6. Pharmacists (A) and Pharmacist Assistant (AA)
7. Nurses (P)
8. Technologist (RAD)
9. Analyst Laboratory (AL)
10.Fisioterapis (FIS)


1. Head of Administration (KA) & Staff (SA)
2. Head of Pharmacy Purchasing / Logistics (KPF / MPA) & Staff (SPF / SPL)
3. Public Relations (PR)
4. Accounting & Finance (SAK)
5. Marketing (MKT)
6. Technicians / Electro Medical (TU / TEM)
7. Waste Management Technicians (WMT)
8. Information Technology (IT)
9. Customer Service (CS)
10.Sekretaris (SEC)
11.Supir Ambulance (SAM)

General Qualifications:

1. Male / Female, max age 35 for all jobs unless the position (DS)
2. For position (DS) is open to all areas of expertise and at the position (DU) STR certification preferred, ACLS and ATLS
3. Medical untul position (P / A / AA / RAD / AL / FIS / distrib / SRM) has precedence over sertfikasi
4. For the position of Non-Medical (CS, SEC) min D3 any majors, positions (KA / SA / KPF / SPF / SPL / MKT) min S1 all the majors and the position (PR / TU / TEM / TPL / IT)-related majors min S1, for the position (SAK) is understood about the tax advantage, and position (SAM) min SMA takes precedence
experienced as ambulance drivers.
5. Min GPA 2.75, active English language, preferably Mandarin-speaking, mastering MS Office and experience of at least 2 years
6. Write the position at the top left corner of the envelope.

Send application, CV & 4 × 6 color photograph to:

National Hospital
Graha Famili Plaza, Block A 12, Jl. Circumference In the West, 60 226, Surabaya

good luck...

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